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제목 : How to rent a bike
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You can book your bike via LINE or Email.
LINE account : bikesori            Email :
Also, If you have any questions, please use the LINE.
When you make a reservation by email,
Please send me some details.

1. Name?
2. How many people?
3. How many days?(date)
4. Bicycle type? (You can pick a bike at the shop on that day)
5. Some requirements

Our store opens at 8 am and closes at 6 pm.
It's about 1km away from Jeju Airport..
It takes about 20 min to walk from the airport.
We can even pick you up at the airport if you make a reservation in advance.
In that case, please call me around 8 a.m. via the Line after arriving at Jeju airport.
If you come to our store in person, you can show the taxi driver the message below.

"서문파출소 옆골목으로 들어오셔서, 좋은마트 맞은편 장원하이빌아파트 안으로 들어오시면 관리실 옆에 상가가 있습니다. 거기서 내려주세요"

You can deposit your luggages at our store during your trip for free.
And, you don't need to pay any deposit in advance before coming here.
The cost varies depending on the bikes you choose.
So, it'll be better that you choose your bike on the day coming here.

If you want to put the rear rack(tail rack) with your bike, it'll cost 5000won for your bike trip.
1. The map in Korean for your bike trip.
2. A lock.
3. Keep your luggage at our store during your trip.
4. The certificate of finish for the complete person around Jeju.
5. A tail light.
6. A handy pump.
7. A helmet.
8. Pick you up from Jeju airport to our store.
9. A Smartphone holder.
If you rent a bike from our store, nine things are free on top.

B.M.S's address.
제주특별자치도 제주시 용문로14길 14 (용담2동, 장원하이빌아파트)
14, Yongmun-ro 14-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea

Thank you~
Best regards.